RR Xing

you're not supposed to post other people's pictures...this is a website about taking your own...lol.

If you post someone elses picture, it's supposed to be a link only.
OK, I admitted that I didn't have any experience here but I didn't expect to run into problems with my second post. I asked my girlfriend if she remembered me taking the photo and she said she did. I prostrate myself before the powers that be to give me another chance. I'm getting old...mercy

Really, I did take the photo. Was the link you posted supposed to take me to where I might find the original? If so, I didn't see anything there. So.....Sideburns, could you post this other photo, or a link. I'd like to see it.

Maybe some one stole my photo.

Here's another example with a different pp. I guess that might not prove anything, but my honor is at stake here.


Lol Ronman you are very confusing. When you said "you ran across this over at photobucket." You made it sound like it's someone else's photo. Hence Sideburn's post.

And Sideburn didn't actually posted a link, it's part of his signature.
Thanks, Phototron. I realized what the problem was a little while ago. I was looking for some other photos in my P_Bucket file and noticed the RR-Xing and thought I might post it in the B&W gallery. Occuring as it did, on my 2nd post, I was uncertain of what I had done.

I'll be carefull in the future to say what I mean. Ron
Oh. Well, now I have changed your photo to a link-only, since you did say "ran across this on Photobucket", which DOES sound like you were posting someone else's photo ... Hmph. Well. Sorry. It is your photo, after all? Sorry. I cannot return my edit, not with Photobucket (could return it with any other photo host but not them). Sorry. I acted too fast and read the rest of this thread only then...

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