Safely Moored


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Jan 18, 2013
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Charleston, SC
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I like it!
Thanks guys!
and girl ^
Nice one. But I flipped it back and liked it better.
I have a couple of different comps of this image that I can bost later
$Safely Moored.jpg
Here is the shot before I decided to go with the illusion.
Make a clockwise .75 degree rotation. Get rid of the leftover dead space on the right after the rotation. Flip reflections can be fun but when something is out of balance, it is majorly amplified in the reflection. Just as a reference, if this was the original intent, next time focus on the reflection and not the boats...or pick a DOF which will capture both perfectly.
The original photo I did focus on the reflection with the intent to flip but shot at f/6.3 to capture decent overall focus. When shooting I have been leaving too much space due to fear of clipping off things that add to the phot
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