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Oct 7, 2008
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Brooklyn, NY
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Why do people pay for SAT tutoring? Its not that difficult. I just came back from my SAT and i was expecting to be challenged. Any studying you can do is vocabulary and pay attention in class. That's it. Who else took the SAT today and what did you think about it?
I took the SAT today as well. I had done tutoring myself in math since I'm weak there. I found it really really easy. I was surprised. The practice tests I had taken were harder.
The academics of the SAT aren't that bad, no, but the right class can help immensely (Mine was actually an invite only PSAT class for those who really had a chance at Nation Merit status, with an SAT prep at the very end.). It's all about how to take the test, the tricks they use, and using the scoring to your advantage. By the time I got to the test, it was kind of fun seeing those tricks and thwarting them! Hope you guys did well!
My physics teacher mentioned some tricks since he used to teach in one of those SAT prep places. I also noticed the PSAT was easier lol.

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