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Jun 14, 2010
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Ok. Right on.

What else do you expect? You are showing 3 photos without a word of explanation or a word of what you want... what am I/are we to say to you?

I'll try anyway.

Hi Savannah! Or did the title mean you are from Savannah, GA?

#1 and 2, she is pretty cute. But #3 is not that flattering to her. And, in #1 her tail is on fire while your screen name makes me think this might be a christian musician...

Want me to keep going?

You need to help us. We can help you or whatever unless we know more.
Pretty girl. #1 is suffering from lens flare. Either that or she's suffering some serious "Liar, Liar, pants on fire!".

#2 her right hand looks weird. Strangely large compared to the rest of her. I think it's just the angle, but it's odd.

#3 I like the best. The side of her head is a little blown out with the sunlight, but I like the look.
Portraits are about capturing the "person". If you look closely at these you would probably agree that she has that "waiting for the camera to go off" look on her face in every shot. Never let your subject know when the camera is going to go off, interact with them and shoot when they look good.

Interaction with your subject is number 1 for successful portraits.

As for constructive critique.
One is in a weed field in harsh light, is the first thing I notice. Not a successful portrait.
2 has the most potential from your set. The scene is ok and light is ok. Camera did not go off at a flattering time to flatter the subject.
3 has some potential but shot at the wrong time of day the light is to harsh.

Keep shooting.
The bush blocking the neck of the case in #1 kills it for me.

I like #2, but something isn't quote right ... may be that 'when's the flash coming' look, not sure on that one.

#3 ... she looks like she just found out her dog died.

I like the tech aspects of 2 and 3 though. #1 has way to harsh a light on the rear.
I think #1 you need to expose it 1-2 stops lower and increase the flash by 2-3 stops
I think you have something good in #1 but I'm distracted by the bush covering the guitar case. In #2, her body is too stright on to the camera. A little turn and head tilt will add a nicer feel. Keep up the work!

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