Saving images after processing in DPP- blurry

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    I tweaked a CR2 file following the DPP tutorial on the Canon website and then I followed the instructions for saving the file. The woman on the tutorial said she wanted to save the file high quality for printing and saved it as a EXIF-Tiff 8 bit and with an output resolution of 200 dpi. When I follow these directions and open the new file in Photoshop Elements or Windows Picture and Fax Viewer all of the tweaks I applied seem to be there but the image has a noticeable loss of detail or blurriness.

    I then tried the directions in the help file and saved the pic as "TIFF 16bit and Efix-JPEG" and changed output resolution to 60000. Looks the same.
    Any ideas what I may be doing wrong or what I can do to save the file with all the detail I see in DPP?


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