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Mar 12, 2006
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There's a Photoshop magazine with an article regarding DNG....I normally keep my NEF (RAW) files and save post PS in PSD. The article didn't offer any valid reason to convert to I'm looking for reasons and/or opinions.
Companies like Adobe are trying to have the whole photography world use one universal RAW format, instead of the hundreds we used to have. DNG is a shell format that can have any type of Raw embedded inside of it, but be readable by more programs. Change your NEF files to DNG and your image data won't be changed or modified, but your raws will be future proof.

DNG is really a nice format.
Not sure I understand your last statememt.....does DNG replace NEF as a negitive?

I can apply changes to NEF, but never loose the original neg. Is that the same with DNG?
DNG is a raw format just like NEF is, yes. Everything you can do to your NEF raws, you can do to the DNGs.

The difference is that DNG is a smarter format and can act like a container for your NEF files so that they become more universal and more likely to be usable even in the future. DNG is identical to NEF? in that DNG becomes the negative?? i.e., I cannot save an NEF to itself, but only to a different format. The same seems to be for DNG.

I'm not try to be dense, but..........
Maybe that needs repeating :D

For instance, your camera shoots in NEF. My camera shoots in DNG. They're both exactly the same result, except that DNG is superior :greenpbl:

I'll see your DNG and raise you two NEFs! :mrgreen:

I'm hedging my bets, I use Adobe Bridge to download my images from my card, I get it to convert to DNG and save them to one computer, I also get it to save the original NEFs to another computer. I've been stung before with formats suddenly not being supported by anyone any more and want to make sure I cover all bases.
I convert to DNG as all adobe versions support opening this type raw format, my nefs on the other hand are only supported by cs3-4 raw converter, as I'm not upgrading to further benefit over priced software companies I'll use and save DNG in place of the NEF files. H

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