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Sep 5, 2015
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Took a month but sold the majority of my gear. I really have been wanting to scale back for two reasons... 1. My health is not the greatest and didn't want to stick the wife with my gear if something were to happen with me. 2. Simplify my approach.

I now have a Nikon F2 and a 58mm lens. A Holga 120TLR, and a Fujifilm 645zi to round out my film. Fujifilm GFX50R, 45, 63, and 100-200, Fujifilm X100V, and a bridge camera. 4 speedlights.

Life is simpler now and I even made a nice little profit. Crazy how much gear I acquired in 6 years, no more time spent looking for bargains.
The best thing I ever did for my photography hobby was to sell all my DSLR gear.....
Funny because in about the same timeframe I started to get back into it and went from a T5 and the kit lenses to 5 bodies including and eight lenses four of which are L series. All of it fell into two categories: 1) I felt I needed it to get the shots I wanted 2) It fell into my lap (thrift shop find or friends and family).

I will be the first to say that having lots of gear does not make one a better photographer but it is neatly organized, does not take up a lot of space and the older gear is used on riskier adventures.

Getting out there while walking around and shooting is good for you. Keep it up! We want to continue to see your stuff.
I can understand the need to scale back, regroup, and a simplify, but the first reason concerns me. My prayers go out that you have many more years to explore the craft!
I have a load of lenses I don't use but just never got round to selling them. I should really I suppose. Even though I suffer a serious health issue I have no plans yet to offload my DSLR kit.

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