School Yard Sunset C+C


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Oct 23, 2011
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Toronto, Ontario
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During one of my lectures I got side tracked and thought I would search my name up on Google to see if my site would be at the top of the search results (I am :D) I noticed a couple results below my site was my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn account, along with some other people who share the same name as I.

One of the links I came across was my old Flickr account from 2009, and did a quick skim through and found one of my favourite pictures I took with a Point&Shoot Canon.


If you would like to check my old Photostream click here
:er: (we all start somewhere right?)
I believe it was probably a fantastic sky but I think the colors could be more punchy. Also, I'm not a fan of dark foreground unless there is some obvious silhouette action happening. There's enough detail for me to tell it's a large basketball court, but this photo could have really benefited from exposure blending or a ND filter. However, the exposure on the sky looks good from here.

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