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Dec 2, 2011
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Toledo, Ohio
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just got home from picking up a slingshot 200.

scored it locally on craigslist for 30 bucks!!!!

i cant even tell if this has ever had a camera in it before. it's MINT.

now i get to figure out where i want everything. lol.
Getting that collection built. Nice! Did you already get both XSI's yet?
Getting that collection built. Nice! Did you already get both XSI's yet?

both xsi's are here. the 50mm 1.8. 18-55 kit. 70-300 quantaray. 28-80 canon. 35-80 canon. a cheapo .45x wide angle. 4 batteries each. 2 chargers each. wrist straps (love it.) rc-5 infrared remotes. rs-60e3 wired remotes. 3, 8gb cards each. vivitar 550fd flash each. my battery grip arrived today, but they sent one for a 550d so i've got to wait for them to answer my email and get it replaced. we also each have a tripod. she has a lowepro adventra 140, and i just got the slingshot 200.

there is nothing that either of us NEEDS now. new glass is a given, but that'll come in time.

i like this bag. i was able to fit my camera (with grip when it gets here) the 18-55 mounted, the 70-300, the 50mm 1.8, the vivitar flash, the wide angle, and my film body all on the inside. on the outer pockets i was able to pack both chargers, both extra batteries, the wired and wireless remotes. pens, notepads, extra lens caps, body cap, cpl filter, and still room for other stuff like cell phone, keys, etc..
sounds like you are having fun, Jay! Those are nice bags! :)
Nice buy. I have a Slingshot 100 AW and it holds a surprisingly large amount. They're built very well and make good travel bags. You made a good decision on that one.
I've got the slingshot 200 as well; nice pack! I just started using mine. I also have a slingshot 100--I'd already bought it, then found a great deal on the 200 on Craigslist, similar to what you found (only mine was in Nashville, so I had my son pick it up for me).

But at the time, I just had the camera body, one lens and an extra battery...definitely overkill to put it in that 200 bag. So, I just used the 100.
With the recent acquisition of new lenses, I've now got more than the 100 will hold. I've thought about selling it, but leaning towards keeping it for those times when I don't want to carry the bigger bag (and am willing to leave some lenses behind).

Sounds like you've both got a great Want To See Pics!!
The Lowepro slings are really nice.. I went with this one Case Logic SLR Camera Sling Backpack - SLRC-205 Black - now I have a NEX-5N as well as a Canon 40D I need something to hold both.

Ideally it would need to hold

Sony NEX-5N with 16mm lens
Canon 40D with 17 - 85mm
1 x small flash
1 x 70 - 300mm lens

Anyone got any recommendations?

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