Screaming Osprey


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Mar 24, 2013
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After another bird flew around the nest.
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Thanks. Yeah the poor fish on the end of the razor sharp talons.
For some reason, I get more interest from watching an Osprey than an eagle. It might be the fact they are much better fishers. You know once you see that ever-tightening dive that they will hit the water with an explosive force, and watch with eagerness to see if they caught the prey once they finally emerge. It's a sight that every lover of nature should experience.
Having said all that, even a person not impressed with the above can see you have caught this one beautifully and expertly. Great photo. Nominated for April 2021 POTM.
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Thanks Dean. I agree with everything you wrote,Osprey are just an amazing raptor everyone should witness especially like you said the dive. I been fortunate to witness it but unfortunately not close enough to photograph it or at least try and get a keeper.
Thanks and no its was going after another bird flying around the nest to chase it away.
Thanks Nancy.Yes I agree, those Talons are big and Razor Sharp.

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