Searching for a Photographer - Please Help if You Can

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    Hello All -

    I know that this is a non-traditional place to post this, but my wife and I are getting desperate.

    We are trying to get in touch with a photographer named Jessie (or Jesse) Yeager. She works (or at least worked) in Southern California. We have an out of date phone number and that's about it.

    Here's the story.... She was hired by our wedding photographer (a man named Alan Brent whose story is trickling around the web and might make for an interesting read). Anyway she was hired as a third photographer for our wedding. Our wedding was January of 2006 and as of yet we still don't have even a complete set of proofs let alone any of our albums or other things we paid for. This is just to help set up the story.

    We managed to track down the other independent photographer that was subcontracted to shoot/assist at our wedding. He was wonderful and gave us all of the photos he shot that day.

    Our hope is that if we can track down Ms. Yeager she might still have photos of our day that she might be willing to send us.

    We hold no ill will for her as she was nice to us on our wedding and it was our only dealings with her. We just hope that she might be able to help us out.

    Thanks for listening and if anyone knows her or how to reach her I'd appreciate any help. If you don't want to post her information on a forum and do know how to reach her can you please ask her to email me at




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