Second Body, EOS 10d???


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Dec 12, 2007
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I have two lenses that I use every time I'm taking pictures. It's a hassle to be standing in the road, woods, boat, beach, etc. trying to switch lenses while trying to avoid dust issues with my sensor and hopefully not drop my lenses or camera. I've decided it's time for another body. I already own the 30d and would like to stay in the canon family. I don't like the rebel series, because I hate having to mess with the lcd screen while trying to adjust my iso, and wb settings. The 10d has all of these in an accessible place just like my 30d. Does anyone have any experience with the 10d? Would this be a good choice for a second body? I've looked into both the 20d and 30d and I really can't afford either right now, plus i think the 10d is a bit smaller which would be a big plus since I will be carrying both cameras around my neck.
Wait until you can afford it. Otherwise you will not be happy with the pictures, and will still be switching lenses all the time. ( when i upgraded to the D200 I told myself that i was going to keep my D50 and do the same thing your talking about. Ended up switching lenses still . )
The 10D is pretty slow from what I hear. Maybe wait until you can get a bit higher up. 20D or...get a 40D and use the 30D as a backup...whichever.
You will not find the 1d markII for just a little bit more than the 10d.

They are still fetching prices closer to the $1500-2000 mark. When browsing through ebay auctions, the current prices have no weight in regards to the value of the item. You have to examine the final prices of COMPLETED items.
I actually like my 10d (but it's my first dslr - so take that with a grain of salt) - but I thought it was bigger (or at least a little heavier) than a 20d or 30d.
10D ought to be fine for 95% of the images a typical person shoots.

Have fun.
I shot with the 10D for a few years. It was sold to my cousin who still shoots with it till this day. It still works flawlessly. IMO I think it would make a fine backup camera if investing in a 20D and 30D is not high on your priority list or you just not willing to.

People will always recommend the 20D and 30D over the 10D. Thats without saying since I"d recommend the 40D over the 30D.... duh! Of course its better to get the newer and better... doesn't take much to figure that one out....

* It is slow in terms of power on and offloading photos to media card. If you can live with those limitations (meaning not for sports photography) then you should be ok.

* It also has an older image processor (again.. duh). Examine the samples from pbase, dpreview, to help make up your mind.

* Doesn't use EF-S lenses even though it has a cropped sensor. If you have an investment in EF-S lenses you might want to reconsider.

* It is a 6 mp camera versus your 8mp in your 30D (again.. dug). Can you live with that? If so, then you should be ok.

btw.. the ol'10D review on is still around. Might be good reading to help you decide.
The 10D is a good camera, however going from your 30D, it will feel a bit antiquated. The 20D will feel much more comfortable, and the screen size will be the only noticeable difference. Also, like usayit said, the 10D cannot use your EF-S lenses if you have any.

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