Second try....better lighting?

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    Ok. Here are some shots I've taken since my last post...I took these on an overcast day, so you will notice right away that there is less least from what I can tell.

    I feel like I did a better job of exposure, focus, and depth of field in most cases (I picked up Peterson's book by the way...I've been devouring it) but I realize that almost all of my shots lack any artistic composition.

    The one concern I had was the fact that all of them seem very drab...and I feel like it's due to the low light from a cloudy day. It may be the fact that my subjects were mostly really drab, but I wish there was a way to make the pictures more exciting given the mild lighting.

    Anyway, you can take a look at these and let me know what you think.





    This one is my first attempt at B&W...I added it just because I thought it was neat =)



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