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Discussion in 'Just For Fun!' started by photobug, Mar 18, 2007.

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    unless I close one eye...

    As a charter poster in this section of the site (I think I actually requested that this section exist) I have many examples of hmmmm shots here. Although I have been lax lately in posting these kinds of shots, rest assured that I have continued to create such masterpieces all along. I just haven't shared.

    Yesterday there was a motorcycle shop grand opening just down the road a bit. Some friends and I made a nice backroads ride to get there. It was great. There was free food & soft drinks, lots of bikes & goodies to ogle, stunt bikers. Did I mention the free food & drink? Nothing can get a bunch of guys on bikes out in public faster than free anything, especially food.

    So, after stuffing myself full of hot dogs & Pepsi I wandered outside in time to catch the stunt bike demo. In an attempt to set my camera to burst mode I enabled a previously-unknown-to-me double exposure mode on the *istD, which resulted in my fave "let-the-'tard-use-the-camera" pic-'o-the-day.

    Eh, closing one eye doesn't even help. Enjoy!

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    Heehee. I like this one!
    It is more than a "let-the-'tard-use-the-cam" shot, I say!
    Anything worth to share outside the "Bloopers"? A pic that your friend took of you eating your hotdog, maybe? That should be shown! :greenpbl:
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    Oh the drama of it all, the shot is great. It looks as if he's falling out of himself. Simply wonderful.

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