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Aug 22, 2008
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Central Virginia
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I like it but it looks oversharpened ... and lacks in shadows. The colours could be a lot more intense if you worked on the shadow side of the levels just some. Only that and the image would be more striking ... even without any additional sharpening.
It actually reminds me of a pic I took of a shed out there somewhere myself, too... I know it is to be viewed through GoogleEarth, as I uploaded it into Panoramio and it got approved ... here <- hope it works as link!?!?
This is an interesting scene but I think that the image would look much better without so much sharpening - which makes it look busier than it really is. Again, I like what you shot, it's the processing that bothers me. I'd love to see it in its original form!
your comp is good and so is the scean but like they said, it too sharpened and too busy.

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