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Refresh your Android devices with these recommendations

The apps mentioned in this article will refresh your phone as well as your day. Let’s have a look and see what awesome features are packed into them to explore!

Dragon Spear


Recently, GMO Dragon Spear has officially opened to welcome players with the official version without resetting the character. Currently, players can easily download the game to the computer to experience. It should be noted that currently, Dragon Spear only supports English. Immediately after its launch, Dragon Spear has received the attention of numerous gamers worldwide.

Overall, Dragon Spear is an online game on mobile with the role-playing genre. The game introduces players to 6 character classes: Knight, Gunner, Warrior, Swordsman, Assassin, and Sorceress. With each of the above character, there are separate weapons and skill sets, as well as unpredictable transformations in combat.

The most distinctive feature of Dragon Spear comes from the style of horizontal screen action fighting that brings excitement when players need not only the flexibility of their hands to launch the correct combos, making opponents unable to protest, but also need calculations to move and evade attacks from enemies.

System of skills in the game

The skill system in Dragon Spear is extremely diverse, each level of gamers can bring 4 common skills and 1 dark skill, as well as a surfing skill to avoid enemy's attacks! The skills will be unlocked gradually and later so that you can freely create and choose for yourself your favorite fighting skills.

Creating characters in Dragon Spear is also quite beautiful. In addition, the game also owns the fashion system, with colorful wings that show the beauty of each character. Of course, the fashion system in the game not only helps characters to beautify but also increases strength.

Simple but still attractive graphics

In terms of images, Dragon Spear features an impressive graphics platform even though the world in the game is designed only in a simple 2D horizontal screen. Combat effects are designed in detail and meticulously with beautiful, definitive blows, smooth and flexible character movement. The background is built in harmony with the bright colors of strange Japanese anime style, giving the player the most realistic view. The character creation part is also extremely beautiful especially the charming female characters, alongside this, the weapons and armor are delicately sketched.

Dragon Spear can be considered as one of the most immersive and action-packed mobile games nowadays. It can be said that Dragon Spear is really a product worth gamers to experience this year, especially with fans who love ARPG games from Korea.

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Thanks to the convenience of smartphones, anyone can capture the images they want right away. Digital photography is very convenient today, and you can see the results immediately. And yet, if you don't like a photo, just delete it and take it again. Different from the time of taking photos on film cameras then having to go to the shop to get the photos developed.

For those who have taken such photos, it is hard to forget the thrill of waiting for their "spiritual children" to be born. But on smartphones, there is an app that gives you that feeling in a very paradoxical way. It is known as Gudak Cam and is causing fever in Korea and Japan, especially among students.

The interface of the app is reminiscent of antique cameras when you have to watch through a small box, giving the feeling of the past when technology hasn't developed yet. You should not take any pointless photos no matter how big the phone memory is, instead of simulated film rolls, each one contains only 24 photos and needs to go through a "process" which lasts up to 3 days. Then, you will have to wait 3 days to see the photos you have taken. Waiting is designed to bring the same sense of thrill as the time of the movie shooting.

After taking a whole roll of film, you have to wait for a few hours before starting a new movie. All of this sounds inconvenient but it forces users to slow down and really think carefully before each click.

Gudak Cam has a strange attraction, it has attracted 1.3 million users in the first two months since its launch. On Instagram, just search for #gudak and #gudakcam you'll see lots of images taken from this app.

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Twitter is a social networking site for users to upload images, write and read the content of limited length. If you are a text messaging specialist, you will know the 160-character limit of SMS messages. Twitter is almost the same as the number of characters allowed is less than 280 (upgraded recently from 140).

Because Twitter only allows 280 characters to use. Therefore Twitter cannot be like Facebook where you can post along the status post. Twitter also has no photo albums or place to upload videos like Facebook. Twitter also has no friends list. There is only the option to Follow. This is the most obvious difference.

Currently, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are among the most popular social networks in the world today. There are also other social networks such as LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tumblr, and more.

Some words to know when using Twitter:

Tweet: Posting or writing something on your personal page on Twitter is called a Tweet. This tweet is similar to the Facebook status.

Retweet: Retweet is like sharing of facebook. That means sharing someone's Tweet (twitter post)

Follow: Follow is follow up. Because Twitter doesn't have a friend list like Facebook, Follow is a tracking function. If the other person keeps track of it, it is the same as making friends. On Twitter, you can Follow anyone like President Obama. Following Follow will help you follow the news posted on their Twitter page easily without missing out like fan page of facebook.

Follower: Follower is the number of followers on Twitter. This may be your friend, may also be a stranger follow the Follow button to track your updates.

Twitter trends are the trends that took place on Twitter at this time. Take the simple example as follows, near the New Year, we will tend to look for new year wishes. At that time, the trend of writing Tweet or having a hashtag related to new year wishes was increasing, become an active trend for a period of time.

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