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Feb 10, 2012
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I got a little bored with typical gallery display one day and decided to try this idea... Here's the page description

"This unique selective color photo gallery contains 35 photos that have the option to view each Photograph by the individual colors that each contains. Below each photo there are buttons that allows the viewer to choose the color to view for that photo or choose 'auto' and each photo will rotate through the colors."

I not looking for critique on the photos themselves, but thr method of display itself. It gives the viewer a little more interaction with each photo - the question is, go forward with it or stop? I have not see not see it yet, but that does not mean it's not out there....

35 Selective Color Photos with the option to isolate each color in a photo separately

Let me know, Thank You

to note this is the gallery index - the display option is under each individual photo
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