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    Hello to all!

    I am a returning enthusiast to 35mm film. As most people can tell from the cameras listed in the sig, it's mostly low budget. Yet it is still a bit exciting in anticipating the processed results. Not to mention the content feeling that comes from a photo-taking walk. It's also helping me to enjoy viewing things that were taken for granted.

    My eyes aren't as sharp (nor as critical) as they were. Staring at a computer screen too much makes it hard to really focus them, especially on typed print. Since it's been almost 20 years of photography with manual settings; the comments on other's shots are to be taken lightly. Nothing I have ever done comes close to the caliber of photos that real pros can take.

    When I have my film processed, it's without colour correction or changes to brightness/contrast. Bear that and the fact that my photo scanner is an old HP 4200C, on the off-chance of sharing photos. The reason for wanting non-altered prints is if some photo lab does that, it hides the issues which I have to learn to overcome. The sooner the better, since old dolgs don't learn the tricks easily enough. Looking forward to reading some of the posts here to get the idea of what works well in specific situations.


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