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Dec 3, 2007
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south, new jersey
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just for ****s and giggles


is that your room? I like the backdrop/wallpaper

im really diggin the b&w.
....and I thought you were a dude. Now it makes more

Oh, and just so you know. Those shorts your'e wearing in 2 and 3...and the leg warmers? Ohhh geez. I bought my girlfriend those shorts, and told her to buy leg warmers. I think you can guess why lol. awesome choice of outfit...ahaha.

Oh, and by the look of number did a good job in number

EDIT: WHOA! I didn't even notice the city wallpaper thingy...
I gotta get me some of that.
I admire your creativity with these.
Nice series of self's, but honestly, your eyes are too unique to have them covered as in #4.
last one would have been better if your eyes hadn't been covered, it looks as though it focused on your eyes as i can see some of the coloring very cleanly

you look a little blurry in the 3rd one but the city background is awesome
heh heh good sense of humour....I like the warm colours of the room pic, it suits the enviroment and I also love the wallpaper bg....last shot is good too, a very lusty shot...the half hidden face indicates a little shyness.
The first one is funny. Middle two are a little dark for me, but the backdrop is kewl. Last one is sexy. Most complain about hair in the face, while I agree with the covering the eyes comment, something about the hair I think works.
I'm diggin number 3 (for "dude" reasons) and number 1 is the bomb (but we shave down in that area <hint>). My only critique is that they are all a touch dark.

I like your work. I check out your posts often.
Damn now I wish I live in New Jersey as well.
thanks so much everyone!!! yeah the new york city backroung is 8 pieces of wallpaper i ordered offline for like $100. they sell them for 140 at urbanoutfitters. they have all different themses, like islands, las vegas, i chose nyc. =) and as for #4 i got pissed off about my hair so i tried to retake it with my hair out of my face but i didnt like the way they turned out. oh and thanks for saying my eyes are unique =) and thanks dpolston. glad you like my work =) yay you guys make me feel good
you need to give us a shot without your hair in front of your eyes. Whenever your not pissed at your hair lol.

haha you asked for it. just for fun

i posted this one in the other thread.

thats the best i can do, cuz ya know i have bangs and all

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