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    im thinking of seeing if i can get some of my prints in high traffic areas, local coffee shops etc etc or some of the art galleries around here. Im also thinking about doing some art shows in the future and selling my photos.
    i feel that now i have a good number of photos that i wouldnt be ashamed of framing and selling. so my question is what kind of price do i stick on them.
    if i spend 20 bucks blowing up the film, and a frame do i sell for 40 or what? what can i charge, what would seem cheap and what would seem over the top?
    if i had a 10x8 in a nice frame displayed, how much would i charge?

    i just wana get some estimates from you peoples. i also have been looking around at other local photographers work etc etc.

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    I would put $30 on them to begin with...

    If they sell, maybe put it up to $40. If that stops it, drop them back to $35 and so on...

    That will give you an idea of what people will pay.
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    I think it depends on how serious your work is. What kind of time was put into the photo? If you spend 20 dollars on the print and you are a good photographer then the price can be in the hundreds of dollar range. If you are just starting then the price may be in the 40 to 50 dollar range. Spill some details of your audience and experience.

    "spend 20 bucks blowing up the film" Photos are enlarged. Buildings are blown up .

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