Seneca Duo 5x7 Triple convertible

Discussion in 'Photographic Discussions' started by LensMaster, Sep 28, 2008.

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    How many of you have ever shot with a Seneca Duo Triple convertible ?
    A few years back i met an old photographer that has been shooting 5x7 for over 60 years .We spoke for a while and he invited me to his house.He showed some of the most beautyfull pictures i have ever seen.Striking compositions ,sharpness and so on .This men is a painter with a camera i can even say he is a poet with a camera.His pictures can talk !!!!
    After a few hours of talking he introduce me to some of his equipment ( what i really wanted to see was his lenses ).He had Dagors,Meyers,Tessars,Achromatic Meniscus ,Seneca Duo and a TTH Cooke .
    I asked him wich lens was his favorite and he said without a doubt was the Seneca Duo and that 85% of all his pictures were done with that lens alone.
    The lens was old but in excelent shape.He told me that if had to use one lens for the rest of his life that one was the one .I tried to buy it from him without success.At the end of our meeting he gave me hi 7" Dagor as a gift.
    I searched everywere on the internet for one of those lenses until i came across one that the owner wanted $700.00 for it only because it was mint.He also said that ,this one was his best lens and he had used it for 40 years.Well , i had seen pictures taken with that lens and i closed the deal.
    I have Veritos,Dagors and the best lenses on the market but this one ... is my number one .Since i got it i started selling all my other lenses. This one is all i need for every situation !!!!! And since it is a triple convertible it covers me without distortion in all three settings .
    Someone outbided me on ebay for another one a few months ago.He got it for $480.00 .I'll be posting some pictures soon .

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    Though I am mostly digital, don't let anyone tell you that the digital age rules all. I've seen some pics from 50-75 years ago that could put to shame about anything the best put out today.

    Looking forward to seeing some pics, though I doubt this medium could do them the justice they may deserve. :)
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I must admit I had not heard of this lens- neither do I shoot large format.

    But my curiosity was piqued and I did find a reference to one that was linked to Wollensack. Am I on the right track?

    By the way, there is a medium and large format sub-forum here..

    if you would like to converse with people who have more experience with the format.

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