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Apr 3, 2008
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Rented a Nikon 70-200 VR for my trip to Palm Springs last week...first day shooting with the lens (hand held) and first time shooting tennis with such a big lens. Action looks lok..could be a bit sharper...the shadows were fighting me. Not bad?

^^^ :lol: Lovely.

I'm not much of a sports shooter, myself, but I liked the shot. I wondered if maybe the crop should have been a bit less aggressive, but I love the expression and look of real focus on her face... the action is great, the distortion/blur of the ball... the ripple of her clothing from the movement, the taughtness of her muscles. Really a lot of very neat things going on in the shot if you ask me. I only wish her eyes were on the ball or it was a shot taken at exact time of impact, but still... very neat IMO.
10 stars that it?? LOL She looked outta it this day during practice...I think she needs a break from can see it in her eyes.
Great telephoto. It looks like you were right on court.

About how far away were you? Courtside?

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