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Jun 13, 2008
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Okay so I am going to be shooting my first wedding, and I got to thinking about something. Do I need to make a model release for the couple to sign? Their guests? How does all that work?

Any tips and suggestions you all have are much appreciated.

Don't quite me on this...but unless you are selling the photos commercially, you probably don't need a model release for the client or their guests. You will own the copyright and that should be enough for most uses.
You really should have a good contract in place though. There are many things that it should cover. Do some searching and reading on wedding photography contracts.

While you are at 'my first wedding'. There is a whole slew of advice, comment, and downright bullying that usually follows a post like doesn't really need to be said again.
In my contract it states that I have permission to use the images for any uses (even selling commercially.. which.. I don't do but.. might as well cover all the bases right?). I have only had one (wedding) couple specify that they didn't want their child being photograph to be used publicly (for specific reasons that I won't elaborate on here obviously :)) and i just added a line in the contract stating that the one exemption was that.

Their guests fall under my contract.
No, but you do have to have a contract!! (as above, put it in the contract)

If this is a friends wedding you need one 3TIMES as much as if it were a total stranger!!!

Just tell them it's for practice and you are taking shooting their wedding very seriously. Friends are valuable and good friends are priceless, don't waste a friendship on a misunderstanding that could be avoided by having things spelled out in a contract.

By the way, this goes for photography and or any other business you might get into with a friend.
Thank you all so very much!!

This is not really a friend, more of an aquaintance, but I totally don't want to botch things up because of a misunderstanding. I will have to do some research on wedding contracts!!

Thanks again for answering my question, all.
You can find some contracts online that will work for the time being but if you start doing a lot more weddings I would get a local lawyer to take a look at it to see if anything needs to be added.
Good luck with your first wedding! Ours was about 1 year ago today so I know how you feel.

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