Shooting Street?

Normally. Shooting from the hip results in tons of wasted images for the low amount of keepers that happen by doing it, and looks shady in the eyes of anyone who catches you in the act.

Go to youtube and search the term "winogrand" if you need any inspiration.
My own preference is either a 35mm rangefinder [often an old Russky or perhaps an Argus C4 or Yashica GS ('killer' lens!)] with a normal lens or a 35mm SLR with a 100 [50 + 2X extender] or 135mm lens. Either helps me to be unobtrusive, a goal I strive for. I carry no other gear except for a light meter [used sparingly] and several rolls of film. I use the cameras in the normal manner and frame as carefully as possible for each shot.
There is no such thing as a "supposed to" way of doing things. Some photographers like to be a ways away and use a long lens. Others will be RIGHT in the face of people on the street. Some shoot form the hip, some want to be as obvious as possible.

*ALL* ways work. You need to find out what works for you. :)
If I was going to shoot a street i would shoot normally. It allows for more keepers, and if people catch you shooting, they wont think you are quite as wierd....sneaking shots of people is considered quite odd to many people.

Do whatever works for you.
A wide angle is a great lens for street photography. It can allow you to get right up in the action and take pictures of people without pointing the camera directly at them, ensuring you are capturing a real moment and not someone "posing" for you.
I've always been happy with keeping it in the 50mm range (ie 35 on the 1D2, 50 on the 5D). It's a normal length and in some ways forces you to make the image, rather than the focal length, interesting (though this is by no means the only reason for using 50mm)
Most annoying photog in the world but he gets the job done.


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