Shooting The Moon

Scott Whaley

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Aug 4, 2018
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The temperature is 63 degrees F this evening here in Knoxville, TN. The sky is clear. I decided to go out and take some photos of the moon. I think this one turned out pretty good. I used my Canon 5d mkiv with a Sigma 150-600 Sports Lens, and a 2X teleconverter. Camera mounted on a tripod. Camera settings are: Shutter speed = 1/500 sec., F-stop = f/13, ISO = 800, and white balance set to auto. I like to shoot in manual mode when shooting night shots.

What do you think?

Moon Shot (1 of 1).jpg
Decent enough.
Great night for shooting the moon but I want to get the telescope out and take advantage of that black ink sky in the background to shoot nebulae. Without pixel peeping it looks like that combination has done a good job. The contrast looks very sharp.
I appreciate it!

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