shots for beachwear designer.


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Jan 25, 2010
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1. nikon d600 with 85mm 1.8G natural light


2. nikon 85 mm 1.8 G with d600. translucent diffuser to cut hard light


3..85mm 1.8 G with d600, natural light


4. 85mm 1.8 G with d600, natural light


5 85mm 1.8 G, d600, natural light

Nice job! I think the pose in 4, as compared to the others, is a little flat. 2 is a really nice beauty shot!
Beautiful shots. 2 is great! I need this lens
very nice. i really like the dappled light in 1.
If I were the beach wear designer I would want the first one redone, the blown out areas on the cover really take away from it's look. The others show the clothing well except for #2 with part of the scarf cut off.
I agree with Tony. If this is for the clothing designer, the first one is possibly unacceptable because of the blown out areas...but who knows, they may like it.

Overall, they are good shots. Pretty models, shows the clothing well etc. Although, I get the feeling that the photos are about the models, more than the clothes. This is likely because the model is making eye contact in every photo. That's not wrong or bad, but if the ultimate goal is to show off the clothing, I think that having the models look off camera will make them less 'the subject' which allows the clothing to come to the forefront. It's certainly a rule that gets broken often, but it's something to consider.
Well.... I always feel like it's a job well done if you're able to sell it. I want to buy all of these so I'd say you sold it. I did, however, notice the blown out areas in the first shot and they are distracting.
These are okay. They do seem a bit over exposed for commercial purposes though. And dont clip the models at the ankles. Mid calf is okay like in one of the other shots but not at appendages.

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