Should I take this new camera?


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Jan 30, 2012
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I currently have a Vivitar Vivicam x60, which is not brilliant, but I'm no pro, and it has served me well.
Since I don't have time, I will post you a link to some of my photos from facebook (sorry about that):


So you generally get what sort of thing I'm after: simply nature.

Now, since I am a photography noob, I don't know what cameras are really good. I've been looking at the Canon Powershot sx40 hs. It gets good reviews and is cosidered the best among the ultra-zooms. Many features are attractive, like the 36x zoom, full HD recording, super slow motion and other things, but I'm concerned about the image quality. Reviews generally say it's good or great, but how relative is that? I mean, it's a half-SLR after all.

If anyone could tell me what the image quality is like, or at least in comparison to Vivicam x60, I'd be grateful.

I also have the option of taking Olympus sp-810uz, but I don't suppose it's that good, is it? Thanks.
The Sx40 HS is a fantastic bridge camera and you will not be sorry.
My choices would be either that one or the Nikon P500. My decision would PROBABLY be the Sx40 HS. It's impressive!!!

I tend to steer clear of anything Olympus. At this point in time Olympus' is so precarious it's scary... They're close to going the way of the Edsel.
I second MLeek's suggestion. I have a friend who is a very accomplished photographer and this is his main camera. It's produced some award winning (Literally) images.

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