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Jan 8, 2006
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I was wondering,

Should i wait until Fuji bring out an S4 Pro.. or should i just go ahead and get the S3 Pro. Im just wondering because the S3 has had a huge price drop.. which probaly means that the S4 is looming.... So should i wait or not :D
I was weighing the S3 or the D200. It's a nice camera. The thing that swayed me to the D200 was the write speed. But everybody I talked to about the S3 said for image quality and color, it was really good.
Fuji is delving from photography into pharmaceuticals. The price drop might be indicative of something else.

But it's mere speculation. I'd stick with canon or nikon myself.
what are you shooting? IMO, unless you shoot portraits professionally, the benefits of an s3 or s4 pro (i'd recommend waiting for the s4) are minimal and you should stick with a canon or nikon body.

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