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Sep 29, 2006
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Shenandoah Valley VA
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This past summer I noticed this mushroom as it came up in a container fern. It was just over an inch in diameter, with a tissue thin cap. One of the most delicate plants I've ever seen. I took it into the house and snapped some pictures, by that evening it was little more than a brown thread.....from nothing to nothing in less than a day.

Any fungologists around here for an ID?

interesting! but no idea.

That is the most delicate looking shroom I have ever seen. No expert AT ALL, I know NOTHING about fungus, but it sure looks beautiful. How did you light it when you took this photo?
I've attempted to ID this mushroom since I posted it here, but it's difficult with no more than a photo. It appears to be of the genus Amanita possibly A. farinosa.

I lit this photo with a small florescent desk lamp. With the camera on a tripod I moved the light around until I got something that looked good and remotely released. Thank you for your comments. Ron
I like it, a lot! I've got no idea what kind of fungus it is, but it sure is an interesting specimen. I like the lighting, it really fits the whole fungus theme. Nice shot.

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