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Jan 3, 2008
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Exist some 1/x shutter value which help me to set the correct shutter speed for diferent aperture values ? Im a begginer.

It all depends on the light. You can't just say "a 1/160th shutter is required for a f/4.0 aperture"

It's about absorbing light. A bigger aperture (lower number, like 2.8 or 4) is a bigger hole, so more light can get in, resulting in a brighter picture (compared to a f/11 aperture).

On the flipside, the longer you keep your shutter open, the more light will come in. So, a 1/60 shutter speed will bring in more light than a 1/250 shutter speed.

Do you have a digital camera or a film? If digital, set your camera to manual and go play. If film, set your camera to manual, go get a bunch of film, and go play. :)
There is not correct shutter speed for a given aperture value. You need to measure the light, in order to get the right combination...and you may want to alter it from there, to get the look that you want.

This is why all modern cameras have built-in light meters.

There is the 'Sunny 16 Rule, which can be used to estimate the exposure...but that's not really needed when you have a built-in meter.

There is also the rule of thumb for hand held shooting. You want to use a shutter speed that is 1/focal length or faster, in order to avoid blur from camera shake.
I think I don't have light meter on Nikon D40X.. But I don't know exactly. Exist a way to check this feature?
I think I don't have light meter on Nikon D40X
Just about every camera made in the last 30 years has a light meter...your D40x certainly does.

Every time you press the shutter release button (only half way) the meter is activated. Look at the screen or in the viewfinder and you will see at least two numbers. One is the shutter speed and one is the aperture....that is your meter reading. The camera does it for you, when you use the automatic modes.
I want to use manual mode. So I need to estimate the shutter speed :(
I want to use manual mode. So I need to estimate the shutter speed
:scratch: You could pound in a nail with a hot dog...but I'd prefer to use a hammer.

The meter still works in manual just doesn't make the settings for you. Just adjust it until the 'needle' in at the '0'.
The meter should be in the lower right-hand corner of the viewscreen. Adjust your values until you see no bars to the left or the right and you should be good.
I'd like to see this. Prove it.
I've got a stick of peperoni in my car right now...which I could probably use to pound in a was -27C (-17F) this morning. :er:
I want to use manual mode. So I need to estimate the shutter speed :(
No - there's a meter right in your viewfinder and on the LCD display in the back. In manual mode, set your ISO, set your aperture, and set your shutter speed and the meter will tell you what your exposure will look like. Dead on the zero is what you want. If it's towards the negative side it'll underexpose, and towards the positive side it'll overexpose.

It's the big thing with the horizontal bar.


A smaller one that repeats the same thing is in your viewfinder.
holy crap. i've been looking at this damn thing for months and it;'s just now starting to make sense.

you people... :thumbup:
Dead on the zero is what you want.
Well, that's a good starting point...but it may not be what you want. The meter will always try to turn the scene into an image that is 18% grey (mid tone). If your scene isn't 18% grey...then the meter reading will be inaccurate and you will want the 'needle' to be off of the zero. For more Metering.

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