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    A few days a go we bought the sigma 1.4 50mm art. We have been using it for a few newbornsessions. One thing that my wife discovered is that the images are more like fish eye'ish.

    Not sure how to explain it but i uploaded two images to explain it a little... the first image 001 is the raw file without any processing. The 2nd image 002, i just did a lens correction with lightroom. You can clearly see that the image is more flat after the lens correction. In the first image the head looks bigger. The image after lens correction seems more natural.

    The image is shot at 50mm with a Canon 6d:
    - F1.6
    - Iso 200
    - 1/125 sec

    With the 50mm 1.4 from canon we did not have this issue. There was just a slight difference after lens correction.

    Doen anyone else have the same effect with the sigma?


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