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    Wow, read reviews on this lens and have owned a sigma 70-210 f2.8 apo lens before and loved it so I thought I would take the plunge. All I can say is this is the real deal third party lens that meets or exceeds the Nikon equivalent. I bought this for youth sports and didn't want to drop $3k on a 300mm 2.8. I have been amazed at how the shots at f4 are right up there with the stopped down shots. I have shot three games so far (along with the test shooting I did when I got it) and have gotten really contrasty, super sharp and beautiful bokeh with the results. It is a HEAVY lens though, considerably heavier and larger than 70/80-200/210 f2.8's from all manufacturers. I have to use a monopod to get consistent results but since this is a heavy 300mm you already knew that. The focusing is very fast and has only really slowed up in low light (for which I do not use a lens like this in low light). Sigma has really hit the mark here and I will be keeping this thing for a very long time. Feel free to ask questions if you are considering getting one and thanks for reading.:thumbup:


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