Sigma "fp L" -- the First L-mount with Phase Detect Auto Focus


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Oct 21, 2016
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On March 25, 2021, Sigma introduced its "fp L" camera which is similar to it's "fp" model but features, among other things, a 61 MP BSI CMOS sensor and Phase Detect auto-focus. A new side-mounted eye-level/tilting view finder was also introduced.

"The Sigma fp L will be available in mid-April with a list price of $2499 US."

[I had trouble deciding where to put this announcement. Since the camera does not have a mechanical shutter, some people feel that it, and the "fp" are more video oriented, but that is not the company's intention.]

"Sigma fp L Overview"
posted Mar 25, 2021, by Richard Butler for
"Sigma fp L Overview: Digital Photography Review ("
I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but Sigma could, fairly easily turn the "fp" and the "fp L" into more desirable still cameras. They should get in touch with Ricoh and see about putting leaf shutters in a few lenses like the Pentax "Q" series mirror-less cameras had. All they need is a wide angle prime, a general purpose (24 - 70-ish) zoom and something like a 200mm telephoto prime. Firmware in the bodies would have to be updated, but otherwise, no physical changes should be needed.

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