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spyrogyro said:
"At The Edge of The World"

Pardon the horrible quality of this scan... I gotta dig up the negative and rescan it sometime!


Location: Sheridan Lake, B.C., Canada
Canon T70
Canon FD 50mm
Film: N/A
Exposure: N/A

Thats so beautiful. I'm not so sure of the thick border though!
Well, let me add something more peaceful to this theme again, for good balance, a picture that had been in the "Fishing"-theme but got taken out of my picture account: it may as well go in here:
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wow some great pics here..

laphoto, for some reason your cat photo makes me think of my "oma's" house, with the snow in background. very cosy :D

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slacker(jedi) said:
i'm sooo in this thread

i realllly realllyyy dooo not like you!!!! you made me wish it was winter again soooooo bad!!!! still 6 more months!!!!! ugh i need SNOW!!!!!! haha im a snowboarding addict i never poped off ne pics up there i just get in the parking lot see the mtn then see my board and my cams in the background getting lonely oh well...
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This picture was taken as a sort of surreal tribute. The factory in the background was the site of an industrial accident that cost the life of the father of the man silhetted in the picture. This happened when the man was 14 and he has since come to closely resemble his father. We decided to do this shot as a sort of tribute to what his father created in his son.

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