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Nov 18, 2007
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Hi all, I'm new to the forums, so I'll say a little about myself so I'm not "that weird/stupid newcomer." I'm a college student, majoring in English, but I've been an avid photographer ever since I was...12. I've taken two photography courses in high school, and while I want to take some in college I don't think I'll be able to unless I want to stay an extra year. Anyway. I currently own and operate a Pentax (film), model ZX-30. My photography usually revolves around equine photography, with some general nature and portrait work. I recently was the photographer for a wedding as well, and I'm considering joining a local (small) media production company of which I'd be the main photographer. Haha, I don't want to puff myself up too much, but wanted to be straight about my camera usage.

Because I 1) don't have access to my own darkroom and 2) am a poor college student and unable to take many pictures because of film processing, I'm thinking of getting a dSLR. I'll stick with Pentax, as I simply love my film Pentax, and I've heard some good things about their dSLR models. I probably would be buying a camera in the 600-1,000 dollar range. Obviously, cost is a major factor, so I'd prefer something closer to 600, but because I'd rather dish out a bit extra and get a long-term quality camera, I'm open in my range.

I'll get to the point of the thread, I *swear*. ;)

I don't know a whole lot about digital cameras. I know about mp's, and I know the bare minimum about how a digital camera works. I.e. I understand that a digital camera, like a film camera, uses a series of lenses/mirrors to direct light to capture an image, except a digital camera uses a semiconductor device instead of film. So, here's my question: can one use a lens for a film slr for a dslr? Obviously I can't use a Nikon lens for an Olympus camera, but since I have a Pentax and want to get a digital Pentax, would I be able to use the lenses I have? Obviously lenses vary a lot in price, and I admit to being one of those who uses a 70-300mm + macro lens as their standard

If I can't use my old lenses, (both promaster), what would you guys recommend for a Pentax? (And if you have a Pentax recommendation, I'd be happy to hear, it, too. :))

So, here's my question: can one use a lens for a film slr for a dslr?
Yes. I don't know much about Pentax cameras specifically, but as long it uses the same mount you're good to go.
Oh, excellent. Thanks. Ya, sorry, probably a silly question but I didn't see it anywhere in my general research, and well, it does factor in quite a bit for pricing!
The laws of optics don't change for us dSLR users vs the film cameras. As long as the mount is physically the same you should be good to go.

You should be aware of the crop factor most dSLR cameras have in realtion to film cameras... your field of vision will be smaller on most dSLRs than a film camera.
Thanks, Jerry, I've heard that before I think. It's good to keep in mind, though. :)
Already having some Pentax lenses is the reason I went with a Pentax dSLR. Any lens you are currently using with your MZ-30 will work with one of Pentax's new dSLRs.

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