Singapore Young Photographer Award 2010

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    Photo enthusiasts between 13 and 25 years old, this is the stage set for you! This year, SYPA is split into Youth and Junior categories, with more attractive cash prizes! :lol:

    Singapore Young Photographer Award Winner
    Youth Category (19 to 25 years old): $5,000 cash
    Junior Category (13 to 18 years old): $3,000 cash

    CDL Young Architectural Photographer Award Winner: $3,000 cash

    Merit Prize Winners: $1,000 cash each

    What’s more, winning entries will be showcased at the National Museum of Singapore!

    Submissions should consist of 6 prints covering at least 4 of the following subject matters:

    A. Abstract
    B. Architecture/Buildings
    C. Children at play
    D. People at work
    E. Portrait(s)
    F. Nature
    G. Still Life
    H. Night Scene

    To vie for the CDL Young Architecture Photographer Award (in addition to the Singapore Young Photographer Award), include a minimum of 2 images on the subject “Architecture / Buildings” in the submission of 6 prints.

    Submit your masterpieces by 17 April 2010. Log on to for participation details and entry form.


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