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    Soon i will be doing a set of engagment photo's.
    This couple would very much so like me to blow it up fairly
    big, and mat it so their guest can sign around the photograph.
    The last time i tried this, the print came out horrible.
    Of course that was with a sony cybershot, i now use the
    canon xt. Im not sure if i possible shot it in the wrong format, or the printing place was so-so.

    This are personal friends of mine who are looking to giving me experience.

    any suggestions, or maybe i should be asking any good printing places.
    I live in florida..

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    How big you can enlarge a photo depends on many factors like, pixel resolution, dpi, sharpness, viewing distance and viewer preference. Your XT certainly has the pixel resolution to make fine enlargements. How big you go will depend on those factors, plus your own taste, and that of the customer. With a correctly exposed, sharp shot, I think it's safe to say you can enlarge to 16x20 or even 20x30.

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