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Jul 27, 2006
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Mesa, AZ - ASU Polytecnic
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One of my passions other then Photography is Aviation, Luckily they both work well together!



Comment if you like, but at least enjoy the photos :D
awesome, awesome pics!!!
enjoyed both very much
are you on
That first one is a view I had ALWAYS wanted to have myself once but never had (as I don't fly) - any DH only has this view when he "flies" his planes upstairs in his "cockpit", i.e. little study and the Flight Simulator. Wow. Now I am envious! I also love the colours you had when you took that first.
And in what intervals do the flights go out? 90 seconds?
Well LaFoto I think I have a lot in common with DH, Ive spent WAY too much time in my own little cockpit on my computer! If it counts for anything he's learning some good stuff through Flight sim, I think its taught me more about aviation then my classes have :lol: (I'm in school learning to be an Air Traffic Controller)

And the aircraft come in pretty close, sometimes as little as 60 seconds. They are required to be 3 miles apart, but as long as the previous landing aircraft is 3000 ft down the runway, they can land another one behind it. Really makes you think about air travel when you learn so much about it.

And boeinglover24,

first off, great name :mrgreen: and no im not on A-net, but I may submit these and see if they accept. My telephoto is just a budget Tamron so my photos are usually a little soft and I know Anet wouldnt take them so I dont put myself through the stress.. but these may be worth a try!
awesome pic great work.
I really like the first one. The second is good too, but the colors of the first are awesome. I like how its just a few small points of interest, like the plane and the lake, but then the whole picture has really intricate and subtle detail if you look more closely, in the clouds, the mountains in the background, to the buildings and runway. Very cool

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