Sleeper-Canon 135mmf/2.5 FL-$28.50

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Bobby Ironsights, Mar 9, 2008.

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    For all you film guys out there, I've recently bought a bag full of lenses to improve my FL kit when I shoot miniature format :greenpbl:(35mm) and I'm particularly happy with this one.

    FL lenses aren't compatible with any Digi-cam and practically any other SLR because they have an extremely short register and any adaptor would have to be mounted INSIDE the mirror box (not gonna happen), so they've plummeted in price.


    I've got a few really nice ones but the one I'm most thrilled with today is the portrait prime I flea-bay'ed for about thirty bucks. It's REALLY nice and sharp.

    I'd recommend it to anyone. It was Canon's top of the line lenses in that format before they started branding their best "L" and it lasted through three mounts R, FL and FD. FD versions go for a decent price, R-versions aren't compatible with FD bodies (canon ae-1 etc..) but the FL is a sweetheart of a deal.:lovey:

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    I have a Canon FL 135mm 3.5, So far all I have done with it is some Macro stuff (Seen here) but I am really enjoying it.

    I should keep my eyes peeled though, the only reason I don't use it more is I have a faster 135mm on the FD mount.... One of those 2.5's might sideline my 2.8 third party lens.

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