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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Galaxy_Stranger, Aug 6, 2004.

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    I just can't decide.
    I bought a Bronica from a buddy of mine this summer and I've gotten more shoots recently as well. I'm trying to decide on a process that I would use to shoot and archive my work because of my increase in volume. Ya never know - I may even actually make money.

    I've decided to start shooting slides for some portrait work. The reason I started is because nobody down here can make a print worth a crap. They just run the whole roll through the computer and don't adjust for anything. So, I get shots that didn't come out even though I know I shot them correctly. Even pro labs pull this crap.

    So, I've shot some slides. The good thing is I see exactly what I shot. I'm also covered because my local photo lab isn't printing from the slides. They're scanning the slide, then adjusting the image accordingly, which seems to work very well. The only downside i have right now is that it still costs me $30 for 3 8x10's this way. I also love the colors, and on 120 I don't need to make proofs, I can just whip out the transparency.

    So, I guess it's Cost vs. Color and Accuracy. What do you guys think? Will I run into any problems shooting slides for portraits?

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    For the price of 100 8x10s you could get a film scanner and an Epson printer and do it all yourself! Just something to keep in mind.

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