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Mar 1, 2009
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Im more or less settled on the 40D + 18-55is + 55-250is combo as my kit.

Thinking of getting 8gb x 2 CF cards and a nice water proof/resistant bag.

Iv seen a lot of shops bundling cheap filters.. UV/Solarizer etc. Looking for a heads up on what to avoid and what would help :)

Any suggestions /brands regarding the Camera bags would help too :)
Well you can't go wrong with a LowePro camera bag - they are very well made - just make sure that you get the bag in person in a shop and that you try fitting your gear into it first to see if it all fits (also check for some extra space for expansion, waterproofs, sandwiches etc)

As for filters - if your going to put glass infront of your glass make sure its quality - cheap filters will degrade your image quality and are not worth going for in general - especailly bundle deals (you get a lot of filters but you get a lot of rubbish). There are some cheaper filters that are quality, but they are excetions and rarer to find.

Hoya and B&W make good quality filters (though like many companies they have a range from low end and cheap to higher end and more expensive).

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