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Nov 12, 2006
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i like them both a lot conceptually. the first one just seems odd because of the crop on the body. the second one is great though!
WOW. I actually said WOW outloud...

That's all Ihave for you. They are wonderful

Those are some really cool shots very artistic....
The second one is just great. Definetly one of my all time favourites.

Also the first one is good. but the position of the body is strange to me: changes to abruptly the direction of the smoke.
#2 is great! Well done!

#1 just doesn't work for me. I guess feel th smoke should come from the upper body, but thats just me.
It would be nice if I could see the whole image on my monitor...and not have to scroll. Think it lessens the effect.
It would be nice if I could see the whole image on my monitor...and not have to scroll. Think it lessens the effect.

I TOTALLY agree on this, and I am thinking of a better way to crop the first one.
i like the concept a lot...very cool idea.

the transition from body to smoke does seem slightly harsh, so the only thing i might work on on these is to weave the smoke and bodies together less definitively.

great idea though!:D
On Firefox, at least, if you right click the image and click "View Image" it will load the image alone in the window, resizing to fit the screen if necessary. Granted, you will lose some IQ from the browser resizing, but at least you can get the effect of the image.

These are nice attempts. The second works much better than the first I think. I think it would be even more successful of you could smudge the smoke into the skin a bit where they overlap. Nice job though! :thumbup:

I too would like to see the whole thing but once again the right side margin ads block aout 1/3 if the image and I can not find a way to get them off the image. Oh well.
Judge Sharpe
i love love loveeeee the second one!!!
HOT!!! and fading into the smoke?! so creative and such a smooth transition.
nice effing work! :)
Not sure about the first one, but the second one rocks!
IN.LOVE. I think they are fantastic. this is my favorite type of stuff from you. The other portraits are nice, but your artistic photos are where you excel. I did something VERY similar with smoke.... great minds think alike?????? :) You blew mine away though :)

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