Snaps of a Snapper - Two in one day


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Jul 28, 2013
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Outside Peterborough, Ontario Canada
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So about an hour after I ran across the first young snapper by the lake I spotted this guy walking down the dirt road behind the house by the field. I dont know if its the same one or not but he seemed a bit smaller. I would estimate the age to be about 1 year old.

So out I go to get him off the road and I took the DSLR this time, sadly it had the zoom mounted and I didnt wait to change lenses since he was in danger if a car passed. I know some of these need some more DOF but I am just starting to do more in manual, this is aperature priority.

While taking pics of him on the rock by the water his head came out and he smelled the lake and turned and headed out. I made sure he was safe with easy access to the lake before I left him.

Young Snapping Turtle 04 20130802 by Woody Woodsman, on Flickr

Young Snapping Turtle 05 20130802 by Woody Woodsman, on Flickr

Young Snapping Turtle 07 20130802 by Woody Woodsman, on Flickr
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