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Jul 28, 2013
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Outside Peterborough, Ontario Canada
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I was taking the pup down to the lake for a swim and ran across this guy on the steps to the swim rock this morning. After the swim and a good sniffing from the pup, I tooks some snaps of him on the rock wall with the P&S that I had with me. I have not seen a snapper for many years on the main lake and its good to see one again. I used to see them fully grown quite often, monsters. After a few snaps I put him back on the steps where I found him, in the damp and shade, with a direct path to the water.

Young Snapping Turtle 01 20130802 by Woody Woodsman, on Flickr

Young Snapping Turtle 02 20130802 by Woody Woodsman, on Flickr

Young Snapping Turtle 03 20130802 by Woody Woodsman, on Flickr
I use to have some for pets in a big green fiberglass tub and use to feed them lunch meat but when they started demanding whole chickens, I thought it was time to release them back in there natural habitat.Nice shots.
Thanks for the comments, I had to use the P&S flash, the sunlight was just too contrasty to get any detail without it. An hour later with the DSLR was a lot better for the lighting.
I had a friend who had turtles in a large plastic enclosure he took when someone else was getting rid of them and was going to let them loose. They were not native to here so he didnt want to see them released into the wild. I think he found a reptile zoo to take them when they got too big.

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