So B&H and Adorama aren't processing/shipping for like a week!


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Apr 22, 2008
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California, USA
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I normally go to B&H for my equip but they arent processing/shipping due to some holiday. Same with Adorama. Where is another GOOD place to buy equip with no tax (not bought in california) and good shipping prices and speed? I am looking at they seem alright, good ratings etc... Wutcha think?
Another one of their too many holidays they observe.
I always check amazon. As many times they have item in stock and ship as fast as you want it. And yep hear nothing but good vibes from KeH.
I love KEH not issues there and fast shipping. Lenses are better than advertised.
I bought stuff from Adorama, B&H and Beach Camera before without any issue. Of course, Amazon as well.
I just went to the B&H super store for the first time the other day (it's absolutely insane there). They actually hand out calendars with all of the upcoming holidays. All in all, kind of a surreal experience.
im getting my 70-200 f/2.8 usm tomorrow, deciding where to buy it from... I wanted B&H but I cant wait for their holiday stuff. Maybe a dumb question but Ill get the "US" and not "IMPORTED" version of the lens from right? I want the US warranty and factory sealed.
Another one of their too many holidays they observe.
Certainly, you can decide to do business elsewhere, since it's obviously a big issue for you.

To make sure people don't get surprised by these closings, B&H doesn't keep their closings secret, they have them right there on their web site landing page, if you click on the link: View our full Autumn Holiday Schedule.
They will shortly post their winter holiday schedule. Watch for it.

Many photographers would do well to copy B&H and Adorama's business and customer service practices. They are some of the best around.

Be sure you plan your needs far enough in advance to allow for the announced holiday closings.

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I've had nothing but excellent service from these companies. Personally, I respect them for having moral values that supersede financial pursuits. But hey, they have the freedom to practice religion, and you have the freedom to ***** about it.

Amerika is vunderfull countree!
I love seeing a company that encourages its employees to observe religious holidays. People are so used to wal-mart type companies these days, where everyone works 24/7 whether it's Christmas or Easter, or the birth of their first born child! I always feel somewhat badly making that trip into the grocery on thanksgiving day for the last minute dinner item I forgot to pick up in advance, seeing all the people who aren't getting the holiday off.

Kudos to them for not giving into the consumer driven 24-7 mentality. And I've had nothing but great customer service. I called their main store a while back and their sales guy talked to me almost an hour about studio lighting to help me understand how it worked and what I might need. And after all that, he didn't try to sell me on the most expensive lighting, he actually found a really good deal on a softbox kit that has been perfect for my needs, and was less expensive than I expected.

I guess I can just sympathize, because from a Catholic perspective, my husband always has to take a vacation day or rush around to make it to mass for the holy days we observe without missing work.

And no, I don't think anyone is a bigot for disagreeing with me, but the closings for religious observances only add to my list of reasons to continue preferring these companies for my future buisiness.
Another one of their too many holidays they observe.

What did Bono say? "Am I bugging you? I don't mean to bug you."
I am sorry if we bugged you. We didn't mean to bug you. :)

To everyone else here who was gracious enough to post their understanding and appreciation -- THANK YOU ALL!

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