so i got this camera...


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May 31, 2006
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Miami, Florida
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My grandfather was very big into photogoraphy whem my mother was in highschool(20+years ago:lmao:) and today i asked him if he could give me his old 35mm camera which he would shoot with

it is a fujica and he had 3 lenses, a 28mm, 55mm, and a 85-205mm.
now the problem is that for the last 15 years moe or less, it was stored in his closet, and now the sensor i guess, has mold from the humidity, im assuming it is the sensor but i relly dont know, any way i was wondering what i can do about it, and if it is salvageable

I'm sure any reputable camera service store will give it a good cleaning, check or replace the seals, etc. Probably be good as new and give you years of perfect service for a small investment! Take the lenses in with the camera body. You should be in business inside of week or so. :thumbup:
ok update on this

i took it to a camera shop that another camera shop i go to reccomended to me for servicing this camera

im just curious if this is a good price

the seals on the camera were bad so they are being replaced, the light meter is being replaced also, it is getting a full cleaning

they are charging me $90 (89 something to be exact)

my grandfather relly wanted it to be useable for me, but i was just wondering if it was a good price?

Yep, sounds about right to me, too. It should perform beautifully for you for years now. :thumbup:

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