So I had surgery and have had a lot of time on my hand


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Nov 13, 2007
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ANd yes, i said "hand" not hands, i had surgery on my left hand and now i am bored sitting athome so, since im right handed i have been doing so PS. Heres my surreal phase... maybe these belong more in the "just for fun" category???


1st one's kinda creepy, but I like the colors.
2nd one - very's got some energy.
I like them, very artistic... I could see them on a canvas in someone's home. Well, a fancy home that is. Very fresh!

The first one's texture reminds me of a basketball. I like the 2nd one best too. Very interesting indeed! :)
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Hahahaha i wish i had some sort of pain pills to blame it on, but its boredom becuz im boycotting the pills :)
def diggin the second one.
very cool.
No, but i have been going through kinda a surreal period too with the art i put up in my house...

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