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    I originally didn't plan to do photography as a job, but I realized how natural it felt and how much I Loved doing it as a job.

    So you are wondering why this is in the SONY Lenses threads...
    Well, because I have ~$1800 invested directly into the Sony Alpha E-mount system, and I am uncertain if I should invest any more money into complementing lenses and eventual body upgrades.

    If sigma releases a good 70-200mm f2.8 for the e-mount for a similar or lower price than the SONY f/4 70-200mm I will be sold to stay with the e-mount. But as of right now it is a tough call.

    As I do more work and once I start doing larger jobs by myself such as weddings, I feel I would want to add a 70-200mm and a good length macro. Both offered now by sony as G glass. But that is almost $3k.
    A Nikon setup would be ~$2k and both would be f/2.8.

    I currently use a Sigma 60mm f2.8, SONY FE 28mm f/2, the kit lens, and an old 80-200mm f/3.9 MD mount lens. This gives me a good portrait lens, a wider decently fast lens, a versatile compact zoom that I rarely use, and the 80-200mm is on loan to see what it would be like with a 70-200mm f/4.

    Anyone have an opinion on the SONY 70-200? And anyone get the 90mm macro yet? Any compelling arguments to stick with Sony over going Nikon and using my a6000 as a backup?


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