So I'm building a rock-climbing wall in my back yard...

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    So my best friend and I decided that we want to build a climbing wall. Ran it by my parents, it's cool. So we started working.

    The way we invision it is this: an 18ft tall "half-dome" with a 4ft lip around the top edge totalling 22ft high. Granted, it won't actually be a dome because neither of us want to go to the trouble of bending 2x4's and plywood. Here is a VERY basic solidworks rendering for reference:

    After day 1 of work. We worked from 3pm until about 10pm, which included getting wood and bolts. You'll notice the lights used for working in the dark. We have since put in another day worth of work clearing logs, saplings and ivy from the area. These were taken after day 1:

    The first section of the wall, which is only 8 ft high, after day 1, with me(5'6") for reference. You can see the begining of the slope upwards into the dome:

    I will continue updating with pictures... when I can. I'm going on a 3-week vacation after a week of visiting colleges starting tomorrow.


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