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Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by Corry, Apr 21, 2004.

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    Ok, finally getting another post up here! I had a little photo shoot with my best friend's new puppy, Chase....a golden retriever. I quickly found out how hard it is to get a puppy to SIT STILL! And since I'm not too comfortable with my camera yet, I wan't quick enough to get very many good shots. This is the one I like the best out of 20-30 tries! My own critiques: the background....the cord (I can probably clone that out in photoshop, can't I?), and the piece of trim growing out of his head are distracting. I'd really like to hear everyone else's comments, though!

    [​IMG] the image coming up for you at all? I'm posting exactly the same way I always do, and I can't seem to get the image to come up. I've never had a problem before....I don't know what I'm doing wrong?

    editing again....I'll see if I can at least get the thumbnail image to appear....

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    It will work for me if I copy the link and paste it in a browser window. I couldn't tell you why it doesn't show up here though as I don't use the free image hosting sites.

    I think it's a nice start. It looks a bit washed out on my monitor, looks like it could use a little more contrast and saturation. I think I like the softness of it. The softness might be due to the puppy (who is oh so adorable!) not keeping still, heh heh, but I like it. I would like the cord cloned out or something though, it's very distracting.

    Nice work and hope you get the image link thing figured out!

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